Accredited Food Safety Training

Accredited Food Safety Training
Accredited Food Safety Training
Accredited Food Safety Training
Accredited Food Safety Training


Your Food Safety Training and Consulting Experts

We are a food safety training and consultancy service provider, dedicated to building the local food industry by improving food safety and quality standards, thereby strengthening trade on the local market and enabling export opportunities on the global market. Our mission at Entecom is to improve food safety and quality standards across the food chain, firstly in our own country, and then expanding our services into other African countries.


A more dedicated team of experts is hard to find. We believe in changing the way people think about food safety through our dynamic, innovative approach, influencing behaviours and making employees and systems work safer and smarter, thereby instilling a quality and food safety culture that is entrenched in the daily decision-making process.




We offer a range of consulting, training and auditing solutions. Our services are customised to the needs of our clients ensuring that we provide a solution that builds value, brick-by-brick, day-by-day.

The Entecom Difference

Why use us?


Consulting Solutions

SETA Accredited

Online R638 Training

Course Customisation

Our vision is to be the go-to food safety training and consulting company in South Africa, by raising food safety and quality standards in the food chain, using innovative, practical and customised solutions that will create value for our customers and help build the South African economy.

A brief history

Where it began

Founded in 2005 by Janice Giddy with the purpose of assisting the fishing industry in the Eastern Cape to comply with EU HACCP requirements, the company has since franchised and now serves the entire food chain across all regions in SA.  For over 10 years Entecom has been assisting businesses with their Food Safety and Quality Management Systems and equipping their staff with the necessary skills to ensure that they have compliant and effective Food Safety and Quality Management Systems.


Entecom has experienced significant growth over the last few years as a result of the passionate entrepreneurs who have joined the Entecom family as franchisees. We are a dedicated team, committed to improving food safety and quality standard, by helping companies do things smarter.  We believe that businesses in the food and beverage industry who prepare and handle food in a safer way will produce safer food. Adopting streamlined, integrated processes using paperless software solutions, will also enable businesses to work smarter - Safer Food, Smarter Business.


Head Office - Port Elizabeth  

  (041) 366 1970 / 80

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