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What is EO?

Manual Food Safety management systems are frustrating, admin intensive and drive endless amounts of paperwork. Standards and legislation are constantly changing and keeping up to date whilst trying to manage the systems on a daily basis can seem like a losing battle.

The time has come to do things differently. EO is a digital compliance solution, that brings a better, smarter, and more enjoyable way of managing your compliance requirements.

Food compliance made easy with our cloud-based management solution.

What EO offers

Top Feature list

Cloud based food safety management solution accessible via cellphone, laptop and tablet.

Convert all checklists to digital and ditch all the paperwork.

Prescheduled checklists ensure your team never forgets to complete a task.

Remote access to data and reports when you need them.

Customised report building.

QR Coding functionality enables more efficient hygiene and maintenance inspections.

Visual audit trail with searchable multiple combined filter options.

Smart alert notifications to ensure team is kept the loop in the event of any deviations from specifications.

Broadcasting enabled via email or sms triggers.

Online word editor enables document updates within the digital system.

Manage by exception by receiving notifications on incomplete tasks.

Batch search function supports efficient traceability exercises.

View the completion status of all checklists in the system at glance from your dashboard.

Internal audits are scheduled, captured and non-conformances, rated, distributed and tracked digitally.

Digital management and tracking of document updates and version control.

Manage multiple stages workflows are across departments with ease.

What our clients say

Food Compliance Software

Paperless food safety compliance solution

Customisable digital checklists

Instant access to data

Instant reporting solution

SMART Notifications

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