Internal Audits

Internal Auditors are system builders and catalysts for change

One of the most fundamental aspects of any effective management system is to ensure that regular Internal Audits are conducted. Planned Internal Audits should include a regular focused assessment of the documentation as well as operational systems and processes and should create awareness of the importance of compliance and keep your system on track. A company’s Internal Auditors learn exponentially when exposed to conducting Internal Audits since they become exposed to different departments and processes and can provide a fresh perspective necessary to keep systems evolving and improving in line with innovative, modern trends.

The Entecom team thoroughly enjoys conducting Internal Audits with the Food Safety Team to teach the team what to look for and how to record the audit findings. Internal Audits are an exciting opportunity to identify areas for improvement and to share ideas with other departments. We always aim to add value and hope to find better ways of doing things; Safer Food, Smarter Business.

What is an Internal Audit?

Often the most under utilised management tool in food safety and other quality management systems, Internal Audits, when conducted properly, will ensure that you systems perform effectively in ensuring food safety and quality objectives.

Why are Internal Audits necessary?

Effectively implemented, an Internal Auditing Programme can contribute towards a company meeting its Food Safety, quality and business objectives and also taking a proactive approach in mitigating any potential risks.

How can Entecom help you?

Entecom consultants will ensure that the audits are effective and address both systems and operational aspects of your business. Entecom auditors not only look for conformance to standards but also look beyond the obvious to identify better and smarter ways of managing your systems.

Our Internal Auditing services include Food Safety (FSSC 22000, BRC, GFSI, AIB), ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

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