Accredited R638 for the person in charge​

About this course

If you are the person in charge of your food business, then the SA Hygiene Regulations require that you attend accredited food safety training. 

This presents the following challenges:

  • You are away from your business
  • You cannot attend to urgent matters because you are stuck in a classroom
  • You waste time and money driving in traffic to a training venue
  •  If you are situated in a remote area – you may need to pay for accommodation too

Our Online SETA Accredited R638 Food Safety Training offers:

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Video-based training in bite-sizes in your own time
  • Supplementary information, tools and templates
  • Links to food safety legislation and valuable industry guidelines and standard
  • SAQA Certification for a credit-bearing skills programme qualification

Our online SETA Accredited R638 Food Safety course is developed to assist food organisations with compliance with the R638 (The South African Food Hygiene Regulations) and aimed at the person in charge of food premises.

The course covers Food Safety Practices, Hygiene, Health and Safety. Persons in charge are introduced to the South African as well as International Food Safety Standards, legislation and guidelines, using video-based training via our LMS platform partnership with Cumulus Blue, which provides a practical component to enrich the learning experience.

As the person in charge, you will be equipped with tools, templates, a comprehensive learner manual and supplementary reading material to provide a broader framework of food safety knowledge whilst finding the course engaging, comprehensive and detailed. A thorough understanding of Food Safety Practices will enable you, the person in charge, to be instrumental in entrenching food safety practices and to start building a food safety culture that will improve food safety and quality standards in your food business.

Online Accredited R638 Training – Person in Charge

Who is this course for?:

This SETA accredited online course is aimed at the person in charge who requires accredited training as per regulation 10 of the R638 (South African Food Hygiene Regulations). The Skills Programme number is 09SP0002520301302/0 and consists of 13 credits.

Purpose of the training:

To assist all food business with compliance with the R638 training requirements.

Entecom offers a FoodBev SETA online accredited skills programme by partnering with Cumulus Blue LMS platform and video-based technology which provides accessibility, convenience, affordability and flexibility for the person in charge of food businesses. The online course aims to bring about positive change in food safety standards and to contribute towards food business making food safer by doing things smarter.

  • Improve food safety and quality standards in your food business
  • Ensure that you comply with the training requirements for the person in charge as per the R638 requirements
  • Understand the food legislation applicable to your food business and where to find it
  • Lots of videos and supplementary info makes this course interesting and fun
  • Go at your own pace
  • Reduced travelling and accommodation costs normally associated with classroom training
  • You can pause anytime whilst you and grab your favourite snack
  • The reduced administrative burden associated with accredited courses, since all info captured once is automatically pulled through to other forms
  • Personal coaching and support provider by your assessor where needed
  • You may just fall in love with our beautiful presenter
How is the course presented?:

Entecom has partnered with Cumulus Blue, which have provided the LMS platform and video-based technology to ensure that the online course is informative, interesting and engaging and will provide you with the best learning experience.

How long will it take to complete?:

You will take approximately 16 hours to complete online. You are required to complete all the formative and summative assessments within 4 weeks of enrolling on the online course.

How will the assessment process work?:

There are 3 modules and a formative assessment is completed after each module. You will be assigned to an assessor who will be available via email and WhatsApp to support you throughout the process. You will need to have mastered all formative assessments prior to being allowed to continue to the final assessment process. Once all formative assessments are completed, you will be advised of the final assessment date. The course needs to be completed within a 4 week period. A final assessment which is in the form of a short knowledge test and a simulated video-based workplace assessment is practical and enjoyable for all who take this course.

What does the course content cover?:
Unit Standards:
  • 120403 – Apply Good Manufacturing Practices as part of a Food Safety System (4 credits)
  • 120404 – Maintain personal hygiene, health and presentation in a food environment (4 credits)
  • 120416 – Apply personal safety practices in a food or sensitive consumer product environment
You will cover all food safety aspects such as:
  • The Certificate of Acceptability
  • Food Safety Hazards, pathogens and food poisoning
  • GMPs
  • Food Safety Policy, Document and Record control
  • Facilities and premises
  • Equipment and utensils
  • Incoming raw material control
  • Process Control and calibration
  • Pest Control 
  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Traceability and Product Recall
  • Temperature Control and monitoring procedures
  • Thawing and Defrosting
  • Serving and Display of Food
  • Staff training
  • Storage and distribution
  • Food Fraud and Food Defence
  • Personal safety practices, protective clothing and safety gear
  • Safety emergencies and safety signs
  • and much more….

 By the completion of the course, you will be equipped with the required food safety knowledge and motivated to lead your food safety team towards Safer Food and Smarter Business.

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16 hours online

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R3 335 incl VAT

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