eLearning SAATCA Accredited R638 Food Safety Training for the Person in Charge

eLearning SAATCA Accredited R638 Food Safety Training for the Person in Charge

R3,392.50 Inc VAT


This comprehensive eLearning video-based SAATCA accredited skills programme is aimed at equipping the person in charge of a food premises with a solid understanding of food safety. Focusing on the R638, the course also provides an overview of local and international food safety standards and guidelines, like the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) requirements, Codex Alimentarius, SANS 10049, ISO 22000 and other South African Food Safety and Health and Safety regulations. The course focuses on the application of food safety practices and hygiene in a food handling environment.

Our eLearning SAATCA Accredited R638 Food Safety Training offers:

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Video-based training in bite-sizes in your own time
  • Supplementary information, tools and templates
  • Links to food safety legislation and valuable industry guidelines and standard
  • SAATCA endorsed Certificate of Competence


Video-based technology ensures that the online course is informative, interesting and engaging and will provide you with the best learning experience.

You will take approximately 16   – 20 hours to complete the course online. The speed at which you progress depends on you. You are required to complete all the formative and summative assessments within 8 weeks of enrolling on the online course.

  • There are 3 modules and a formative assessment is completed after each module.
  • You will be assigned to an assessor who will be available to support you throughout the process.
  • You will need to have mastered all formative assessments before being allowed to continue to the final assessment process.
  • Once all formative assessments are completed, you will be advised of the final assessment date.
  • The course needs to be completed within 8 weeks from registration
  • A final assessment which is in the form of a short knowledge test and a simulated video-based workplace assessment is completed to ensure a practical component of the course
  • Module 1: Apply Good Manufacturing Practices as part of a Food Safety System
  • Module 2: Maintain personal hygiene, health and presentation in a food environment
  • Module 3: Apply personal safety practices in a food or sensitive consumer product environment
  • The Certificate of Acceptability
  • Food Safety Hazards, pathogens and food poisoning
  • GMPs
  • Food Safety Policy, Document and Record control
  • Facilities and premises
  • Equipment and utensils
  • Incoming raw material control
  • Process Control and calibration
  • Pest Control
  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Traceability and Product Recall
  • Temperature Control and monitoring procedures
  • Thawing and Defrosting
  • Serving and Display of Food
  • Staff training
  • Storage and distribution
  • Food Fraud and Food Defence
  • Personal safety practices, protective clothing and safety gear
  • Safety emergencies and safety signs
  • and much more….

Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with the required food safety knowledge and skills to support and direct your company  towards Safer Food and Smarter Business.

  • Introduction
  • Food Safety Legislation in South Africa
  • Food Safety Management Systems in South Africa
  • What are food safety hazards?
  • Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP
  • Food Safety and Hygiene Policy
  • Certificate of Acceptability of Premises
  • Management Responsibility
  • Laws, by-laws, regulations and compulsory specifications
  • Document and Record Control
  • Facilities and Premises
  • Personnel facilities, toilets and handwashing basins
  • Site and premises
  • Equipment and Utensils
  • Purchasing and Receiving of Incoming Raw Material, Packaging Material and Ingredients
  • Storage and Transport
  • Control of Operations
  • Food Preparation
  • Thawing and Defrosting
  • Reheating, serving and display
  • Services
  • Maintenance, Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Pest Control
  • Monitoring Procedures
  • Recall and Traceability
  • Staff Training
  • Food Fraud Prevention
  • Food Defence
  • Self-assessment
  • Introduction
  • Maintain Personal Hygiene
  • Factory Hygiene and Housekeeping
  • Personnel Hygiene and Health
  • Maintain Personal Health and Well Being
  • Personal Grooming and Presentation
  • Visitors and Protective Clothing
  • Self-assessment
  • Introduction
  • What does the common law say?
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Protective clothing and safety gear
  • Storage and Handling of chemicals and chemical spillages
  • Pipelines and their requirements
  • Personal safety working practices
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Emergency procedures
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Self-assessment

Please allow 48 hours for the payment to reflect and for course activation.

This is an online course that is aimed at Learners with basic computer literacy and who have 2 – 3 months of experience working in a food environment. This course is pitched at the Grade 10 literacy level.

The learner will need to complete the final summative assessment within 8 weeks from the date of course enrolment.

This course can be viewed on any online device that falls within the following parameters:

  • Windows 8/Mac OSX Mavericks 10.6.8 or later versions
  • Recommended 4 gigs of RAM
  • At least 5 gigs of free disk space

This platform is optimised for Chrome. Mobile devices would need iOS 10/ Android version 7 or later versions. There are limited differences that may occur between browsers and devices. If you are viewing on a mobile device, we strongly recommend you do so via Wifi so as not to incur data charges from your cellular service provider. This course requires certain documents to be completed and downloaded for signing. You will need access to a printer and scanner.

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