Time to go Paperless


With the ever-increasing food safety requirements, many food safety managers are telling us that they feel stressed and overwhelmed and that they can’t cope with all the paperwork. Do you identify with any of the issues below?


  • Are you wasting your precious time hunting for documents every month?
  • Are your staff forgetting to complete records?
  • Are you tired of feeling frustrated and burdened with system inefficiencies?
  • Is information being caputured twice?
  • Are your staff forgetting to do important food safety checks?
  • Internal audits are just taking too long because you spend more time writing up reports than actual auditing?
  • Non-conformities slipping through the cracks?
  • Do you find yourself constantly waiting for information?

I am sure that you would prefer spending your valuable time on more important tasks than chasing paperwork.

You will eliminate frustration and work a lot more efficiently if you go digital – and no, it does not have to cost an arm and a leg.

With Entecom Online, you can go digital and work a lot smarter by accessing your Food Safety System and data online, from any device, when-ever you need to. Let’s get you there in three steps:  


1. You call us for a demo    

2. You get excited

3. You go paperless


You know that it’s time to make that change!

Convert your manual system to digital and experience the endless possibilities.


Contact info @entecom.co.za for your demo

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