Rose Fekken (FSMS Lead Auditor)

Good day Entecom team, I wanted to pop a quick message to you and your software development team to just compliment you on your EO software FSMS system. I recently audited a site that is a client of yours and makes use of the EO system and I was super impressed. I have encountered various document management software tools used by food facilities over the past 11 years, but yours is really the first one that makes a lot of sense! The navigation of the documents was so easy, the site representative and staff were all relaxed and could easily find all the checklists requested and their document control was well organized. Although content control obviously is a thing the clients have to control, the templates and design of the system is clean, neat, logical and even their plant workers were comfortable working on the system. Just wanted to say well done! I am definitely going to tell my clients in the industry about your software, I think it has huge potential for a couple of large organizations. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

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