EO for SPAR Retailers


SPAR has collaborated with Entecom to produce the EO system that has been tailored to your needs as a SPAR retailer and has been endorsed by SPAR Head Office. Entecom is honoured to be part of The SPAR Food Safety Movement which strives to bring safe food at the highest quality to every SPAR customer.

EO has been developed for Food Safety compliance and Protocols that does away with the need for messy paperwork, files, or clipboards, and eliminates much of the human error that can happen in a fast-paced retail environment by replacing it with an all-encompassing Digital solution.

Benefits of using the EO system in your store:

A suite of real-time dashboards

Digital food safety audits

Remote access to your compliance system, wherever
you are and whenever you need it

Scheduled reminders to prevent tasks from slipping through the cracks

Customisable reports and digital checklists with smart notifications

Integrated workflows, process controls, batch traceability and corrective action tracker

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