Basic Food Safety for Milking Sheds Pocket Booklet

Basic Food Safety for Milking Sheds Pocket Booklet

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The impact of poor hygiene in your milking shed can have significant negative consequences on the milk quality at the processing facility. Staff at the milking shed need to understand why hygiene practices are so important and how they can ensure that they are not the cause of any food hazards that could end up at the processing facility. This potent little A5 full colour Pocket Booklet is very popular and is jam-packed with all the basic food safety information that your staff working in your milking shed need to know. Full of diagrams and illustrations it will always remain a useful reference for any of your in-house food safety awareness training.

The booklet can be used during induction or refresher training. You need to order a minimum of 50 booklets at a time.

We will add your logo and your hygiene code of conduct or any other company specific information that you would like to include in the booklet.

Place your order below and set a new standard for your food safety training.


For all food handlers working in the milking shed.


The South African Food Hygiene regulations (R638), requires that every food handler is trained in food safety practices, principles and hygiene. This booklet covers all of the basic food safety practices that food handlers need to know. You will be able to use this booklet for Induction training and Refresher training as part of your own in-house training programme, or you can ask Entecom to facilitate the training for you.


Colourful and jam-packed with all the basic info, the booklet summarises all the important food safety principles. We can customise the booklet to include your company code of conduct and food safety policy or any other company-specific information that you would like to add. The booklet will cover topics such as:

  • The Importance of food safety
  • The various types of hazards
  • What is food contamination?
  • Foodborne diseases and outbreaks
  • How we can prevent hazards in food
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Personal Hygiene
  • The use of gloves
  • Code of Conduct
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Pest Control and wh we need to keep pets out.
  • Temperature Control
  • The milk tank room
  • Food Defence
  • What the milk tanker driver needs to know.
  • Hygiene Audits
  • This booklet will cover all the food safety practices that your food handlers need to know to ensure that they understand the importance of food safety and the role that they play in ensuring consumer safety.

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