8 Ways to optimise your Food Safety Management System

Effective food safety management is essential for any food business. It not only protects consumers from potential food-borne illnesses
and substandard quality products, but it should also be seen as a powerful management engine that aligns your team with company objectives, instills a culture of discipline, and drives continuous improvement in your organisation.
Food safety managers are always tirelessly pressing forward with day-to-day matters that seem to demand urgent attention, but setting
aside time to overhaul the food safety system engine to clear blockages, repair leaks, remove duplication, declutter and re-organise tasks will
take a Food Safety System from sluggish to slick.

In the famous book written by Stephen Covey “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, the 7th Habit is all about taking time out to “sharpen the saw”. In this eBook, we discuss 8 ways in which you can sharpen your Food Safety System.

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