Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA v6)

The GLOBAL.G.A.P. brand consists of “smart farm assurance solutions” focusing on safe, socially and environmentally responsible farming practices. The Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard applies to fruit and vegetables, aquaculture, floriculture, livestock and more and is the most widely used GLOBALG.A.P. standard. After two years of public consultation with all industry stakeholders the IFA vs 6 was published on the 26th of April 2022.  This version will be mandatory for all Plant Scope Registered GLOBALG.A.P. certificate holders from 01/10/2023.

In this eBook we discuss:

• What is the IFA standard?
• What does it cover?
• What has changed in IFA vs6?
• How will the changes impact you?
• Where can you find the audit requirements?
• When do you need to be audit ready against the new requirements?

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