How to Compile a Testing Schedule – Part 3

We continue from Part 2:

7. Identify a suitable testing / verification method to verify compliance to the product characteristics determined in Step 3 above


  • Your testing method will depend on the characteristic and its significance.
  • Characteristics that are critical to food safety, legality and quality need to be performed by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • Qualitative tests e.g colour, taste, aroma etc should have clear specifications such as colour charts, photographs, diagrams or reference samples
  • All test methods as well as the specifications for the characteristics should be documented
  • Staff should be trained and deemed competent to perform the onsite tests / inspections and all equipment used should be calibrated
  • Test methods may range from a quick visual inspection (integrity of ingredient packaging or expiry date on label), or internal lab test at the receiving step, to a more complicated test that may require quarantining the product, sampling and sending the sample for analysis to a contracted laboratory.
  • Include shelf-life verification testing such as microbiological, pH, water activity, sensory evaluations etc based on retention samples

8. Implement the Product Testing Programme

  • Implement the Product Testing Programme and ensure that you have the schedule on your outlook calendar or scheduled digitally to remind or prompt you of the tests
  • Analyse the results and sign them off as evidence of checking compliance against the criteria
  • Follow your non-conformance protocols for any non-conforming product
  • Ensure that all results are traceable to batch number
  • Maintain all the required records that form part of the testing programme

9. Update the Product Testing Programme in line with any changes

Keep the programme up to date with changes to suppliers, processes, new products, new raw materials , changes to legislation or customer requirements, or when there is a food safety or quality incident

10. Review the Product Testing Programme to determine suitability and sufficiency

  • Include the review of the Product Testing Programme as input on your management review meeting to discuss any modifications that may be required
  • Maintain records of all meetings and manage the programme modifications as part of your document and data control programme


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