Harnessing the power of SMART objectives.

SMART objectives will revolutionise the way your food company strategises and operates, and will drive you toward your long-term goals with greater purpose and focus. Harnessing the power of SMART objectives will keep your team cohesive, focused and on track. The problem is that when we work with food companies we often find that the power of SMART objectives is seldom harnessed, where Food Safety Team Leaders are left to establish Food Safety and Quality objectives on their own and therefore lack the buy-in and support from the rest of the management team and upon closer scrutiny, do not always fit the definition of “SMART” objectives. Without harnessing the power of SMART objectives, you may find yourself navigating blindly in a competitive landscape, missing opportunities for improvement, possible stagnation and even potential decline of overall food safety and quality performance standards.

In this eBook we cover:

  • The definition of SMART objectives
  • The benefits of SMART objectives
  • How to implement SMART objectives in 6 steps
  • Examples of SMART objectives
  • Reasons why SMART objectives sometimes fail

Download our October eBook below to read more.

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