Stop Wasting Time and Money Using Paper Compliance Systems

With EO you can streamline your workflows, improve the performance and integrity of your compliance management systems AND reduce the stress.

Are you failing to focus on what matters to your business because:

Increasing legislation has you bogged down with paperwork.

You've incurred extra costs trying to keep up with compliance.

You are dealing with human error as a result of manual administration.

Endless paperwork and admin tasks have you feeling frustrated and demotivated.

You're constantly worrying about unannouced audits.

Food compliance made easy with Entecom's cloud-based management solution.

Less Stress

Entecom's EO Food Compliance software is a web based app that takes the stress out of an already stressful food industry.

Less Admin

EO Food Compliance Software replaces frustrating, admin intensive manual processes with a better, smarter, and more enjoyable way of managing your compliance requirements.

Less Time Wasted

With smart features like customisable digital checklists, instant access to data and reporting as well as SMART Notifications, you have more time to focus on what matters to your business.

CLOUD-BASED: access anywhere from any device


REMOTE ACCESS: Data & reports when you need them




BROADCASTING: Email or SMS triggers

ONLINE WORD EDITOR: For document updates



Imagine how much your business could achieve if your team could:

Convert all checklists to digital and ditch all the paperwork.

Preschedule checklists to ensure no task is overlooked.

View the completion status of all checklists in the system at a glance from your dashboard.

You deserve to harness the full potential of your team and get the most out of your systems.

Entecom's cloud-based digital compliance solutions offers:

Success Stories are the Best Stories

A game changer

Implementing Entecom’s Food Safety software at Mediterranean Kitchen has been a game-changer for us. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive record-keeping features have streamlined our food safety processes, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.
Alex Constantinou
TMK Foods (Pty) Ltd

Sets a new standard

Entecom’s food safety software sets a new standard, seamlessly ensuring compliance and bolstering efficiency in the food industry.
Descroizilles. Milpro Meats

Best of the best!

Aileen, to you and your staff, you’re top-notch, best of the best. Julle support en produk is amazing!
Deon Jooste

Super Impressed

I recently audited a site that is a client of yours and makes use of the EO system and I was super impressed. I have encountered various document management software tools used by food facilities over the past 11 years, but yours is really the first one that makes a lot of sense!

Rose Fekken FSMS Lead Auditor

Very easy to implement

The fact that the system prompts you (on a daily basis) and makes it easy to know what tasks are due. This prevents us from getting caught up in the daily operations and forgetting the recording side of things, helping me to focus on the Managment of the system.
Erica Steeman-Duncan

Highly recommend

We have embarked on a journey of Continuous Improvement and Sustainability since 2021 with Entecom – developing, implementing and auditing of a user friendly quality system that can assist and support all the SRCC Producers and Pack Houses with Accreditations, Legislative Requirements, Standards Development an Audits and other.

Melissa Visser
SRCC Quality Manager: Operations & Producer Accreditation Liaison

Get More Done
In Less Time

Give your food business the modern efficiency you’ve been looking for with a time-saving digital compliance solution that keeps your food compliance on track and gives you access to real-time data when you need it.

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