Workplace Health & Safety Awareness Workshop

The Occupational Health & Safety Act of South Africa places the responsibility of making employees aware of any Health & Safety hazards which may exist in their workplace, on the employer. Employers therefore have a mandatory obligation to comply with these requirements. 

Induction training creates an awareness and therefore minimises the risk of accidents, personal injuries and accidental damage to property. Human weaknesses, unsafe conditions, injuries and accidents have legal, financial, psychological and social consequences for both employers and employees.   

Besides enhancing an awareness of possible risks and hazards in the workplace, this course also addresses the responsibilities of employees towards their employer. Emphasis is given to general workplace rules, the meaning of important safety signs encountered in the workplace. an overview of the types of accidents and incidents, the importance of communication, as well how to respond in case of an emergency.

The intention is to include this course as a component of any existing mandatory or company Health & Safety certification programme.


4 Hours

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2021-07-01 Book Now

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