Occupational Health & Safety Workshop

Occupational Health & Safety is relevant to all types of businesses, private or public sector, including traditional industries, information technology companies, retail and wholesale, government services, care homes, schools, universities, leisure facilities and offices.

All employers have a mandatory obligation to safeguard the safety and health of their employees. This can be achieved by understanding and identifying occupational hazards and risks with the main goal to avoid accidents and/or diseases from occurring in the workplace.

The purpose of this workshop is to equip you with the fundamentals on which appropriate Health & Safety management systems may be built.

On successful completion of the course, you will have a broad understanding of applicable Health & Safety legislation in the workplace and will be able to identify and control basic occupational Health & Safety hazards and risks at the point of action and in the execution of day-to-day operational tasks associated with designated job-related duties.

Occupational health and safety is relevant to all types of businesses, All employers have a mandatory obligation to safeguard the safety and health of their employees. In this
course you will:

  • understand the fundamental health and safety requirements
  • gain a broad understanding of the applicable Health and Safety Legislation in the workplace
  • identify occupational hazards and risks with the main goal to avoid accidents and or diseases from occurring in the workplace
  • understand your role in the prevention and reporting of
    health and safety hazards and incidents

Management, supervisory personnel, employees who are small-group team leaders, shop stewards and newly appointed as well as SHE representatives, who have no previous exposure to SHE legislation or the fundamentals of organisational system management.

  • What is health and safety?
  • Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa
  • Health and Safety Act
  • Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COID)
  • Identifying hazards in the workplace
  • Categories of hazards
  • Health effects of hazards
  • Control Measures
  • Personal Protective Equipment in the workplace
  • Ergonomics
  • Emergency Evacuation Plans and Procedures
  • Lock-out ProceduresControl of Noise, Temperature, Vibration and Lighting
  • The role of Top Management
  • The Role of Occupational Health and Safety Systems incident reporting and much more..

Workshop activities and Knowledge Assessment

  • Receive an A 5 Full-Colour Pocket booklet on Basic H&S
  • Training can be conducted in multiple languages
  • The course can be customised for maximum benefit
  • The training is workplace-based to ensure relevancy
  • An interactive and fun approach to learning about all the fundamentals of Health and Safety

Anyone who has a role to play in maintaining the Health and Safety standards in their facility should attend this training.


1 Day

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