Managing the NPD Process


  • The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI version 2020.1) updated the benchmarking requirements to include the additional requirement for a Product Design and Development procedure for new products or changes to products or manufacturing processes to ensure that safe and legal products are produced
  • All organizations with a GFSI recognized food safety certification such as FSSC 22000 and BRCGS, now need to meet the requirements of this new clause.


This course aims to address the NPD requirements for the FSSC 22000 and BRC standards, as well as provide additional practical tips and information for implementing an NPD process.

Who should attend?:

NPD Team, Food Safety Team, Marketing or any member of management who has a role to play in the NPD Process


  • What is the NPD Process?
  • GFSI 2020 requirements for NPD
  • FSSC 22000 – additional requirements for NPD
  • The BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard requirements for NPD
  • Idea Screening
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Suppliers and raw material approval
  • Packaging considerations and requirements
  • Food Contact Materials
  • Product formulations & Bench Top Development
  • Regulations relating to Product Formulations
  • Bench Top Trials
  • Product Approval
  • Specifications
  • Types of sensory analysis
  • Guidelines for sensory analysis
  • HACCP in the NPD Process
  • Control of Operations
  • Production Trials


1 Day

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