HACCP for Supervisors – SETA Accredited Skills Programme

The HACCP for Supervisors course is aimed at those working as production/ QC/ CCP operators who will also be utilized as part of the HACCP Team. Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to attend the Compile a HACCP Study (Level 4 course). Learners learn how to use the CCP decision tree to determine CCPs in their own work environment and will also have a good understanding of all PRPs (Prerequisite Programmes). The course is based on the requirements of GFSI, SANS 10049, ISO/ TS 22002 standards. Templates of some of the key documents required in a food safety management system will be provided to learners during the training.


Learners who wish to attend this course should have attended the GMP (Level 1) course or have proven sufficient knowledge of GMP.

Course content:

  • Understanding the role of prerequisite programmes (GMPs) in the HACCP Study
  • Understanding the concept, growth and reproduction of microorganisms in a food environment
  • Identify good manufacturing practices to control microbiological contamination during food handling
  • How to determine CCPs
  • How to monitor CCPs and report on deviations
  • Understand the 12 stages of HACCP implementation
  • Know the 7 HACCP principles and how to apply the CCP decision tree correctly

Workplace component:

  • The learners will visit their facility and discuss the CCPs
  • Identify their CCPs in their respective workplaces and validate the CCP controls
  • Integrated assessment via a one-on-one workplace assessment conducted 3 weeks after the last day of training.
  • Learners complete a log book and conduct CCP monitoring as their assignment

Course benefits:

  • Accredited Training course – recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority
  • Competent learners will achieve a Certificate of Competence endorsed by the FoodBev SETA
  • Training is customized and workplace based to ensure relevancy and practical application
Unit Standard TitleNo.NQF LevelCredits
Apply Good Manufacturing Practices as part of a food safety system12040324
Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of microbiology12023536
Monitor CCPs as an integral part of HACCP12023936


3 Days theory & 1 day workplace assessment

Certification type


Course dates

2024-05-27 Book Now

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