HACCP for Meat Processors

Meat Processors have experienced a number of legislation updates in the last 24 months. Regulation R908 which pertains to HACCP was amended in June 2018 to include the listing of ready-to-eat heat treated meat and ready-to-eat heat treated poultry products as food handling enterprises that require the implementation of a HACCP system. Industry was given 9 months from the publication date to comply with this new requirement.

The Compulsory Specification for Processed Meat Products (VC 9100) was published in August 2019 and covers the applications for approval of factory and processed meat products.

In this course we take you through the legislation changes and help you compile a HACCP study for your meat processing facility with the use of case studies and templates that will help you comply with the HACCP requirements.

2 Day HACCP Workshop for Meat Processing Companies.


  • Understand the recent updates to the legislation pertaining to the meat processing industry
  • Learn how to apply and implement HACCP in your meat processing facility
  • Complete a HACCP study under the guidance of a facilitator to get you started
  • Network with other delegates from similar industries
  • End with a complete HACCP Study to get you on track


2 days

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