Food Safety for Maintenance Staff

Food safety is often only focused on the quality and production departments. A major cause of food safety incidences are however related to equipment/ building design and mistakes by maintenance personnel and contractors. Yet most food facilities fail to address this issue and do not provide the maintenance department with effective food safety training.

Customised for maintenance personnel, this course provides an overview of food safety, and focuses on the vital role that the maintenance team
play in ensuring food safety.
Maintenance personnel are not wired to sit through hours of presentation slides, so we have designed this course to focus on practical content, examples and case studies to ensure active participation and maximum learning.

Course content:

  • Hygienic design of equipment & buildings
  • Engineering Standards
  • Compiling your preventative maintenance plan
  • Role artisans play in food safety Cleaning and sanitation systems Job card systems
  • Prioritizing
  • Post maintenance cleaning
  • Temporary maintenance
  • Hazards associated with maintenance
  • CCP Steps
  • Managing contractors Maintenance inspections Control of lubricants
  • Control of tools – high risk vs. low risk zones


1 Day

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