Food Fraud Prevention Workshop

Course Overview

The FSSC 22000 and BRCGS standards require that food companies implement a food fraud prevention programme as a component of your company’s Food Safety Management System. Food Fraud is defined by the BRCGS standard as “fraudulent and intentional substitution, dilution or addition to a product or raw material, or misrepresentation of the product material, for the purpose of financial gain by increasing the apparent value of the product or reducing the cost of its production”. In this interesting workshop, you will learn:

  • What food products are vulnerable to food fraud
  • How to implement a Food Fraud Prevention Programme
  • How to conduct a Food Fraud Risk Assessment You will receive a free tool to help you get started

The following topics will be addressed:

  • What is food fraud?
  • What are the BRCGS Global Food Safety & FSSC 22000 requirements for food fraud prevention Types of food fraud
  • Foods at Risk
  • Reasons why Food Fraud Takes Place Food Packaging Fraud Food Fraud Management
  • GFSI requirements
  • FSSC 22000 requirements for Food Fraud BRCGS Requirements for Food Fraud Gathering information from credible sources Food fraud vulnerability assessments Food fraud tools and methodology Food Fraud & Food claims
  • Food Fraud Mitigation Plans
  • Supplier management
  • Raw material vulnerability assessment Supplier monitoring
  • Documented food fraud prevention programs
  • Case studies

Who should attend?

Food Safety Team, Management, Procurement or Supply Chain Managers

Course benefits:

  • Understand the difference between food defence and food fraud
  • Learn how to conduct a food fraud vulnerability assessment using various industry tools
  • Receive food fraud procedure template Receive our highly sought after Entecom Food Fraud Assessment Tool for free
  • Learn from experienced food safety experts


Delegates will need to complete a knowledge test and to score 80% for the test.


You should have an excellent understanding of GMPs and HACCP prior to attending this course


1 Day

Certification type


Course dates

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