How to compile a legal and technical information register to help you stay up to date.

The rapid growth and globalisation of the food industry have led to an increase in regulations, standards, and guidelines surrounding food safety. As a food company, you need to keep up to date with food legislation, standards, industry codes of practice as well as technological developments that impact your supply chain, food handling operation as well as your customers. Coping with the demands of managing, maintaining, and updating your food is already challenging. Having a system to alert you of changes whenever updates happen is a vital part of ensuring that you remain compliant and that your system remains current with technological developments, industry trends and global food safety best practices and standards.

This eBook provides you with the following:

• The importance of having a Legal and Technical Information register
• 10 practical steps for compiling your register and implementing the updates • What should be included on the register and why?
• Tips to help you stay up to date with legislation changes

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