BRCGS Global Standard Food Safety issue 9 – What’s changed?

Standards in our industry are constantly evolving. This is an industry that never sleeps, the desk lamps are always on as food scientists and other industry experts tirelessly research, analyse, review, collaborate, assess, and improve the standards we work with every day. For all of us that work so intimately with food safety standards, we take a deep breath and wonder how much work the new changes will bring. We can draw comfort that Issue 9 of the BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard will not require a revamp of our entire food safety system, however, it does ask that we focus our attention on strengthening the fundamental components of our food safety system to improve food safety controls.

In this eBook we discuss:
• A summary of the key changes and how these will impact your food safety system
• Identifying focus areas for improvement in your food safety system
• How to be prepared for the BRGS Issue 9 audits starting in February 2023

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