A Food Safety Software Solution That Works

If you are a food safety manager, chances are: You’re sick of wasting time chasing paperwork. You’re tired of feeling stressed-out. You’d love to find a better way of managing your food safety system. You’re strongly considering ditching your manual system for a paperless system, but you’re thinking of biting the bullet and pushing through for another year because software systems are just too hard to figure out and are too expensive.

We were with you right up until that last one.

Let’s do a quick review of the Entecom Online digital food safety solution. Here are 10 Ways that Entecom Online will help you save money and make food safety management easier. With Entecom Online you can:

1. Say goodbye to archiving paperwork
2. Ditch those old-fashioned filing cabinets and book shelves
3. Save on time hunting for records
4. Get rid of clipboards, files, staples and pens
5. Eliminate time searching for records
6. Stop capturing data twice
7. Make internal audits a pleasure
8. Slash your printing, ink, paper and associated stationary costs
9. Integrate and streamline your systems
10. Spend your valuable time on managing and improving food safety systems

I know what you’re thinking: but Janice, I could try and push through until next year and keep going with our manual system for now.

Maybe so. But you probably shouldn’t here’s why:
There is no time like right now to convert to a digital system. This time next year, you will still be feeling frustrated and sitting with even more paperwork and you will be wishing that you had converted to paperless earlier.
Ready to call us for a demo?
Here’s to good decisions,

P.S. We can solve your supplier quality assurance challenges too! Call us for a demo today.

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