1.7. Water Quality, staff facilities and Waste Management – Chapter 7

Our passion for serving the food industry has identified the need to provide a free eBook series aimed at breaking the journey towards food safety system certification into bite-size chunks that are more manageable. Any journey can seem overwhelming before you start, but the intention to start and the determination to push through is the mindset needed to conquer the challenge. 
Working in the food industry in SA as food safety consultants presents us with unique opportunities to travel along windy gravel roads in beautiful remote areas and meet incredible people, who invite us into their homes to share their dreams and passions with us. We get to stroke the kitty, taste the home-brewed coffee, see the newborn baby smile, and munch on freshly baked biscuits whilst we listen to amazing stories that bring us to tears, humble us and touch our hearts to the core. We are deeply grateful to every food business out there, that has given Entecom the opportunity to help contribute towards making the struggles in your food business a bit lighter and to work shoulder to shoulder, enabling our Entecom soldiers to play a part in building a better and stronger food industry in SA.

Go and grab a cuppa and enjoy the next stage of the journey with us, as we help your business take the next step towards food safety system certification.

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