2.17. 5th HACCP Principle – Establish a Corrective Action Plan – Chapter 17

Welcome to our April eBook. We continue with our current topic which is all about Tidying up HACCP. In this eBook, we look at HACCP Principle No 5 which is about establishing your corrective action plan.

Like eating prickly pears, corrective actions can be quite tricky, but if you follow the correct process, and get past that initial prickly bit, you may discover some surprising benefits, for example; did you know that there is a lot of interest in the prickly pear fruit because of the healing properties found in the oil of the fruit?
If you follow all the steps required when taking corrective action, you have to dig deep, by asking
probing questions to uncover the facts. Following the process thoroughly will teach you more about
your food safety systems, and the outcome of a detailed root cause analysis can only make your
systems healthier and more robust.

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