2.16. 4th HACCP Principle – Establish a Monitoring System Chapter 16

Welcome to our March eBook. Our current topic is all about tidying up HACCP, and in this eBook, we look at monitoring systems.
WHAT exactly should you be monitoring? Have you selected the most effective monitoring system for your CCPs and OPRPs?
In this eBook we discuss how to implement an effective monitoring system in 6 steps. We also look at:

  • WHAT we should be monitoring?
  • HOW to establish an effective monitoring system?
  • VERIFICATION – and the critical role that this has to play.
  • DOCUMENTATION – what needs to be documented?
  • RECORDS – what information needs to be included on the monitoring record.
  • MISTAKES companies make, and how to fix them.

Join us as we continue to tidy up and improve HACCP systems. If you’re like us, then you’re always hungry to look for ways to improve systems.

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