2.13 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System – Chapter 13

So here we are, the last eBook for 2020.
The topic of this eBook is HACCP, and I have noticed that just mentioning the word “HACCP”,
sometimes initiates a surge of ear and protest from food business owners. Similar reactions have
been observed when seeing children being hauled off to the dentist by their parents. I know this is
a big topic to dive into at this time of the year, especially when you are trying to wind down after
the covid-swamp year; but, we are going to gently ease ourselves into this one, and I will make it a
little shorter than the others.
We will break it down into bite-sizes over a few eBooks, and I promise, that you will see that HACCP it is not as terrifying as you thought; it’s actually the juiciest part of food safety; but, like driving in traffic for the first time, you need to stay focused, and keep both hands on the steering wheel – it can be a bit hazardous at times.

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