2. 28 Facility planning and layout design

The objective of a food processing facility is to convert raw materials into finished products by processing them as safely and efficiently as possible. When planning facility layout and design you need to consider compliance with regulatory requirements whilst mitigating food safety risks as well as production efficiency, flexibility, ease of cleaning and plans for future growth. We suggest asking for advice from food safety consultants, engineers and architects with experience in the food industry before plunging in and buying a food premises or making any modifications to your existing premises.

A risk assessment identifying all the hazards that may affect the safety of the food product will be essential to ensure that you implement the required controls at all stages of the process.

In this eBook we take you through 4 key considerations in the planning stage:

  1. Select the correct site for your food business
  2. Compile a Process Flow diagram of the manufacturing process
  3. Compile a drawing of the layout of your factory
  4. Determine the level of segregation you may require

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