2. 26 Your guide for the management of services and purchased materials.

In our experience, many food companies forget to include their buyers on food safety training, and yet, Food Safety begins with the hygiene standards implemented at the supplier.
If your buyer does not understand the importance of compliance, the food safety, quality and legal criteria for raw materials and services will be overlooked and this may have serious implications on the safety, quality and legal compliance of the final product. Compliance begins with the selection and management of your suppliers.
In this eBook we focus on the Management of Services and Purchased Materials and will cover the following topics:

• What has purchasing got to do with food safety?
• Where does supplier management fit into the FSSC 22000 requirements?
• What are the FSSC 22000 requirements for supplier management
• What controls are required for service providers?
• How to implement a Supplier Management Program in 8 Steps.
The food safety & quality of your inputs to your manufacturing process always have a direct impact on
the quality and food safety compliance standards of your final products.

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