Understanding the sans 1841 standard

Consumers need to be confident that the goods they purchase are accurately purchased, are accurately measured, safe for use and of appropriate quality for their needs. To this end, CSSA is offering a training course to assist manufacturers to comply with the SANS 1841 standard.
The NRCS is an entity of the Department of Trade and Industry established to administer compulsory specifications and other technical regulations with the view to protect human health, safety, the environment, and, and ensure fair trade in accordance with government policies and guidelines.

It seeks to preserve the safety of South African consumers against potentially hazardous non- compliant goods and ensure that they receive fair value for their money. Among the technical values prescribed by NRCS is the SANS 1841 National Standard. This standard specifies the requirements for the control of the quantity of contents of pre- packed packages that are packed with the prescriptions of legal metrology legislation. CSSA will be conducting training on the full requirements and application of the standard complete with a practical component and assessments. Coupled with this is a full demonstration of how the TEMPO Management System could be used to ensure a seamless process during the mark/SANS 1841 audits.


  • Understanding  of SANS 1841 Requirements according to the latest standard issue.
  • How the three standards interlink: SANS 1841, SANS 458 and SANS 289.
  • Audit readiness – reduce/eliminate
    major findings.
  • Understanding of NRCS and what it
  • Future legislation with regards to
    Compulsory Specifications.


There is a practical component to the assessment.


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