FSSC 22000 v5 Bridging

Helping you bridge the gap (2 half days via zoom)



  • The FSSC 22000 Scheme version 5 document was published in May 2019.
  • You are not sure whether your food safety system is ready
  • Learn how these updates will impact your current Food Safety Management System.
  • All certified sites, will be audited against version 5 from January 2020.
  • Course covers all the revised FSSC 22000 Scheme requirements.
  • Addresses the new ISO 22000 High Level Structure
  • Addresses additional consideration for organisation risks and opportunities
  • All certified sites, will be audited against version 5 from January 2020.
  • Be proactive, be ready. Join us to hear about all about the updates & how this scheme works.


Refresher for the Person In Charge (2 half days via zoom)



  • You are the person in charge of your food business
  • You wish to instill a food safety culture in your business
  • You've had prior food safety training, but you feel that you want to refresh your knowledge
  • You would like to gain a better understanding of the R638 (Hygiene Regulations)
  • Gain an overview of the GFSI, food legislation, SA food safety standards and guidelines.
  • Understand the importance of instilling a food safety culture in your organisation
  • A document Starter Pack is provided to help get you started with the R638 document compliance requirements. 

overview of vaccp & taccp

Overview for management team (2 half days via zoom)


  • Understand the meaning of food fraud and what this means to your business
  • Learn about the many examples of food fraud committed in our country
  • Learn about the types of ingredients that are more susceptable to food fraud
  • Increase your awareness of food fraud and what to look for
  • Receive guidance on how to compile a food fraud risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Learn about food defence and discuss case studies
  • Learn how how you can protect your business
  • Develop a food defence mitigation plan
  • Receive tools and templates to get you started

internal auditor training

How to conduct an effective audit (4 half days via zoom)

  • Are fiinding that your audits are simply ticking exercises?
  • The quality of internal audits is just what it should be
  • Your team seems to be missing the most important food safety issues
  • The same audit findings are being raised over and over
  • Insufficient details are recorded and everyone is doing their own thing
  • In this course you will learn the correct auditing methodology
  • Learn the difference between operational and systems audits
  • Learn how to prepare for an audit and how to compile your own checklist
  • Learn about the different auditing techniques with the use of case studies
  • How to document and categorise your audit findings
  • Learn how to compile an audit report and much more...

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