Food Safety audit inspection kit

Are you doing superficial food safety audits, or proper in-depth food safety inspections?Do you have the tools to do the job?

Inspections are a crucial part of the food safety programme. Food safety cannot be managed on paper alone and requires regular detail in-plant inspections to assess whether food safety is truly working. For any job, one needs the right tools. One cannot do a thorough inspection with only a checklist. The correct tools are required. Entecom has launched the "Inspecta Kit" that provides the food safety inspector with the necessary tools to facilitate this process.


  • Ability to monitor cleanliness in hard to reach places
  • Double check whether pest control contractor has completed inspections.
  • Collect foreign metals shavings on equipment
  • Remove hardened dirt from surfaces
  • This kit allows the inspector to see inside equipment

  • Double check whether pest control contractor has completed inspections

  • Collect metal shavings and other foreign objects

  • Remove hardened dirt from surfaces to identify the cause of dirt build up

  • Ensure a more focused mind-set and thorough inspection

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What will you find in the kit?

We are proud of our food safety "Inspekta Kit"

Inspection Mirror


Use this to assess the hygiene in out-of-eyeline areas such as overhead ledges, under equipment, behind structures etc.  Handy for finding residual allergens that have not been cleaned.

Inspection Torch


Illuminate dark areas during an inspection. Use this to look in corners, under equipment, out of-way areas as well as drains for pests, foreign objects or residual allergens.

Telescopic Magnet


Open strainers and sieves to look inside for metal pieces. This gives valuable clues on metal control at the supplier level. Run the magnet over equipment that is exposed to metal-to-metal wear.



Accurately collect insects and loose foreign objects (e.g. strings, loose bristles, loose silicone etc. as well as other small physical hazards) using your tweezer. 

Inspection Key


Open equipment and electrical panels and inspect it for cleanliness and maintenance. This is typically an area where cockroaches love to hide. 

Bait Station Key


Open bait stations and assess whether its servicing is up to date. Look for signs of rodent activity. Compare your findings to that of the Pest Contractor.



Use this to prod spillages, dirt, liquids etc. to try and determine the nature and source of the hazard. The scraper can be used instead of your hands.

Plastic Bags


Useful when collecting foreign objects in a food factory (e.g. cigarette butts, sweet papers, nuts, bolts and insects). Once identified, insects are easy to control.

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