Powerful cloud-based paperless software Integrated Management System Solution.

Our software is designed to manage, control company information in a user-friendly manner that will increase the efficiency and performance of any company. The flow of information is captured in a fluid logical manner to streamline processes and provide real-time information when needed by users. Our software solution is developed to manage systems such as:


  • Food Safety Management Systems
  • OHAS 18001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001


Information can be integrated with ease and more modules added on as your company grows and the need to manage more information arises. 


Our software is supported by a team of administrators, business analysts and developers who are well versed in general business management,  financ, quality,  manufacturing, servics, health and safety and the requirements of both local and international legislation and industry standards.


This support service is cost effective and is a key inclusion in the Integrated Software Solution offering.

what can OUR SOFTWARE do for you?

  • Get rid of the mounds of paperwork and stress associated with a conventional paper management system
  • Management of all information through one centralised system
  • Manage Compliance to local and international industry standards and legislation
  • Reduce the amount of time sending emails and searching for documents
  • Agile and Accurate Dissemination of Information to all Staff
  • Organization of information to the entire company network
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Standardized Work (based on Lean principles)
  • Management of staff performance by Exception
  • Staff empowerment
  • Business scalability


Software solutions designed to provide clarity, eliminate oversight, establish traceability, allocate responsibility and streamline operational processes in order to bolster organizational goals.

Our software allocates work to its users through their own unique dashboard known as a Work Summary page. The Work Summary page has many convenient management features including deadlines for completion, escalations from subordinates and escalations to line leaders.

OUR SOFTWARE consists of FIVE interfaces


Business Hub

This contains all the company employee information such as job titles and e-mail addresses. It also includes the company’s reporting lines and different user groups such as the company’s safety or quality committees. The business hub is the library of information used to disseminate information timeously to the correct people.


Interactive Document System

All company policies & procedures are uploaded into the Document Library. Users are then granted access to their specific documents and are required to sign off their understanding of the content therein within a specified period. This removes the manual document revision control which is the most onerous component of any management system.


Report Portal

The software stores many records through the use of the Task Management System. Users have access to this data in the form of reports through our report portal. While a wide range of reports can be set up, this is mostly used to provide managers with dashboards and for data trending.


Task Management System

This manages both routine and non-routine business processes. Tasks defined by flow diagrams are allocated and delivered to everyone’s desks at all levels, for completion within specified target dates. Progress reporting, including escalation once tasks are overdue, maintains transparency and control.  Any workflow can be uploaded into the system, e.g. Food Safety checks, Non-Conformance Handling, Customer Complaints, GMP Checks, Cleaning Schedules, Change Control, Internal Audits, etc.


Audit Master

Our software contains the very latest of all Food Safety Quality (BRC, AIB and FSSC 22 000, etc.), Health & Safety (NOSA, OHSAS 18001) and legal registers. These are used during an audit to streamline the audit process. We map all client evidential documentation to each audit requirement so that it can be accessed easily and demonstrated to an auditor during an audit. This means no more searching for files and wasting time looking for records. All information is immediately available.

To find out more about our other modules and the framework that will best suit your current needs please arrange a demonstration through our offices and remember, you can add additional modules as and when your needs require, at any time in the future.

Head Office - Port Elizabeth  

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   084 5519 524

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