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Learner manual - accredited online r638 food safety training


The learner manual is only available to learners who wish to register on the Accredited or Non-accredited / Workshop version of the R638 Food Safety Training. If you are attending our linline food safety training then we will are encourage you to purchase this manual to use as a handy reference to refresh knowledge upon your completing your course prior to attending the final assessment, and the manual will also come in handy as you lead your staff with the implementation of  basic the food safety practices on your premises.

The course content covers:

MODULE 1Apply Good Manufacturing Practices - Unit Standard 120403

  1. Introduction
  2. Food safety regulations in SA
  3. Food Safety Management Systems in SA
  4. Food Safety hazards
  5. Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP
  6. Hygiene Policy
  7. Certificate of Acceptability and the requirements
  8. Management Responsiblity
  9. Laws, by-laws, regulations and compulsory specifications
  10. Document and Record Control
  11. Facilities and Premises
  12. Personnel facilties, toulets and handwashing facilities
  13. Site and Premises
  14. Equipment and utensils
  15. Purchasing and Receiving of Incoming Raw Material, Packaging and Ingredients
  16. Storage and Transport
  17. Control of Operation
  18. Food Preparation
  19. Thawing and Defrosting
  20. Reheating, Serving and Display of Food
  21. Services
  22. Maintenance, Cleaning and Sanitation
  23. Pest Control
  24. Monitoring Procedures
  25. Recall and Traceability
  26. Training
  27. Food Fraud prevention
  28. Food Defence
  29. Self assessment

MODULE 2: Health and Hygiene in a Food Environment - Unit Standard 120404

  1. Introduction
  2. Maintain Personal Hygiene
  3. Factory Hygiene and Housekeeping
  4. Personnel Hygiene and Health
  5. Maintain Personal Health and well-being
  6. Personal grooming and presentation
  7. Maintain clothing requirements
  8. Visitors and Protective Clothing
  9. Self assessment

MODULE 3: Personal Safety Practices - Unit Standard 120416)

  1. Introduction
  2. What does the common law say?
  3. Safety
  4. Protective clothing and safety gear
  5. Pipelines and their requirements
  6. Personal safety working practices
  7. Safety Emergencies
  8. Storage and handling of chemicals and raw materials
  9. Self assessment

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