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Safe Serve Hygiene Programme: Five Steps Towards Food Safety Compliance

Food Safety should form an integral part of your daily activities within your restaurant. The only way to achieve this is to instil a food safety culture right from the start.

Entecom has compiled the Safe Serve Hygiene Programme which is based on local and international hygiene standards. Restaurants can progress from a blue rating (Basic Food Safety based on the R962 (SA Regulations Governing General Hygiene Requirements for Food Premises and Transport of Food) and ISO/TS 22002-2 Prerequisite programmes on food safety - catering) to a purple excellence rating (full FSSC 22000 / BRC certification), depending on your market requirements.


This Is How You Achieve Food Safety Compliance In Your Restaurant In 5 Steps:

  1. Have a food safety assessment conducted to see what your current food safety status is. Contact our Entecom head office to set up an appointment.
  2. Purchase a food safety manual containing all the required documents from Entecom. You will be coached as to how to use the manual.
  3. Train your staff on food safety. All kitchen staff should be trained on the Basic Food Safety. Entecom facilitators are food safety experts with a passion for food safety.
  4. Implement a six monthly assessment programme to monitor the food safety status of your kitchen and to ensure ongoing implementation, maintenance and improvement of the food safety programme. Strive to achieve a score of 75% or more on the audit.
  5. Reap the benefits of all your hard work. Start promoting your food safety status to your customers via the public display of certificates and staff training achievements. Make use of the Entecom Safe Serve Logo on your website and on your menus for your customers to see how serious you are about food safety in your kitchen and to give them the assurance that they are in caring hands when dining at your restaurant.

Prerequisites - Prior To Starting the Safe Serve Hygiene Programme

  • Paid up member of RASA
  • Hold a valid certificate of acceptability
  • Ensure compliance with local government regulations

Download the Safe Serve Brochure here


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