Janice Giddy
 August 12, 2019
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City Connect Limited, Tanzania in Collaboration with ENTECOM Mpumalanga of South Africa will conduct GlobalG.A.P Awareness & System Requirements Training at Usungilo Hotel in the City of Mbeya, Tanzania from 12 - 17th August 2019 (first session) and a second session from 19 – 24th August 2019.


What the Training will Cover?

· Equip horticultural farmers and companies to pursue group and individual G.A.P Certification
· Equip training participants with tools to develop G.A.P and Quality Management Systems to         Qualify – a preparatory programme for Lead Farm Assurance Certification
· Capacity building to farm experts and managers to conduct on-farm audits and Producer Group    Assessments and Certification
· G.A.P Planning and Implementation for Farm third party audits
· Maintenance practices of the QMS for standard operations procedure (SOP) manual for group        GAP implementation
·  How to conduct risk assessments
·  Hygiene requirements on farm and in produce handling facilities
·  HACCP – the 12 stages


Who is the course for?


The target participants of the course are Horticulture Farmers, Producer Organisation Members /Leaders Farm Managers in the Horticulture Sub-sector, NGO Staff, Procurement Officers, Pack-house operators / Exporting Companies of fruits and vegetables and HC value chain project managers.


How much will it cost?


The Fee for the course is 250 $ per person including breakfast, lunch and training materials.

Group Participants Offer:

Organizations sponsoring up to 5 participants will receive a discount of 50$ per participant.
If you are interested in participating, please send the completed the course application form available at: https://www.entecom.co.za/online-registration or send email to: h.alam@unido.org, Training Coordinator.
For interested applicants or organizations who want to sponsor participants or please contact by Email to:  David Kilewo: davidmecky@gmail.com   or Gerda Britz (gerda@entecom.co.za)


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