Often focus is placed on R.146 (Regulations relating to the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs), but there are many other regulations that also have implications on the labelling of a food. Entecom in association with FACTS is hosting a 1-day workshop with the aim to provide an understanding of all the relevant regulations relating to the labelling of foods.

Food safety standards require individuals involved in the implementation and maintenance of food safety systems to receive appropriate training. Register now for our jam-packed 1 day workshop which is designed to provide a comprehensive guide on labelling requirements in South Africa.


  • Brief look at regulations under DTI
  • Overview of regulatory bodies in SA
  • Brief look at regulations under DAFF
  • Detailed look at the Regulations relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs (R1.46)

The presenter:

Karen Horsburgh, Dietician & Consultant
Karen Horsburgh is a registered Dietitian and manages the regulatory department at FACTS (Food & Allergy Consulting & Testing Services). This division offers regulatory services to food industry clients which include evaluation of food labels to ensure compliance with SA food legislation, assistance with liaising with regulatory authorities, in-house training of staff and managing the testing of food products for regulatory compliance.

Karen has been consulting on food regulations for 13 years, before FACTS at NICUS (Nutrition Information Centre of the University of Stellenbosch) and the Heart & Stroke Foundation and has assisted regulatory authorities in compiling labelling regulations

Head Office - Port Elizabeth  

  (041) 366 1970 / 80
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