"How to" FSSC 22000

What is FSSC?

FSSC 22000 is fast becoming one of the more popular audit standards in South Africa. It is GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) approved, widely accepted all over the globe and is becoming the go-to standard for large players in the food industry. It is well structured and comprehensive, but is less prescriptive than other international standards. FSSC 22000 consists of ISO 22000 (Food Safety) and ISO/TS 22002-1 (Prerequisites for Food Safety).

We do not simply go through the requirements of the standard. We show you how to actually implement FSSC 22000 

Course Overview

There are several courses/workshops on FSSC 22000 in the industry. What makes this one different is that we do not simply go through the requirements of the standard. We show you how the mechanics of the system works and how to implement a FSSC 22000 based food safety management system. We demonstrate and practice each step of the way.

Please note, this course is aimed at learners with previous food safety management experience. For delegates who understand basic food safety principles but need guidance on upgrading to FSSC 22000.

Get a clear understanding of tricky concepts such as OPRP's, validation and verification.


The course facilitator is Rolf Uys, who has 20 years experience in training and implementing Food Safety Management systems in 50 countries. He used to be an international FSSC 22000 lead auditor himself before joining Entecom. He promises to make the course fun and interactive with modern training and presentation techniques.

Subjects Covered

Through lectures, workshops, video clips and practical exercises we will help you understand :

  • Implementing a Food Safety Management Documentation System
  • Management Responsibility (commitment, responsibilities, communication, crisis management and management review). What does this really mean, how is it documented and how is it actually made to work on the factory shop floor.
  • Implementing a resource management system
  • How HACCP fits in to FSSC 22000. How to convert an existing HACCP plan to FSSC 22000
  • Looking at effective ways to do and document risk assessment and hazard analysis
  • Understanding and selecting OPRP's and CCP's.
  • Practical corrective and preventive action strategies
  • Review, verification and validation and how this relates back to management responsibility
  • Prerequisite programs. Discussion of each by means of examples and photos
  • Putting it all together. What should the final FSSC 22000 manual look like
  • What to expect and how to prepare for a FSSC audit

We'll show you how to convert your existing HACCP system to FSSC 22000 

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