The HACCP for Supervisors course is aimed at those working as production/ QC/ CCP operators who will also be utilized as part of the HACCP Team. Learners who successfully complete this course will be able to attend the Compile a HACCP Study (Level 4 course). Learners learn how to use the CCP decision tree to determine CCPs in their own work environment and will also have a good understanding of all PRPs (Prerequisite Programmes). The course is based on the requirements of GFSI V6, SANS 10049, ISO/ TS 22002 standards. Templates of some of the key documents required in a food safety management system will be provided to learners during the training.

DURATION: 3 Days Theory & 1 Day Workplace Assessment

Learners who wish to attend this course should have attended the GMP (Level 1) course or have proven sufficient knowledge of GMP.


  • Understanding the role of prerequisite programmes (GMPs) in the HACCP Study
  • Understanding the concept, growth and reproduction of microorganisms in a food environment
  • Identify good manufacturing practices to control microbiological contamination during food handling
  • How to determine CCPs
  • How to monitor CCPs and report on deviations
  • Understand the 12 stages of HACCP implementation
  • Know the 7 HACCP principles and how to apply the CCP decision tree correctly


  • The learners will visit their facility and discuss the CCPs
  • Identify their CCPs in their respective workplaces and validate the CCP controls
  • Integrated assessment via a one-on-one workplace assessment conducted 3 weeks after the last day of training.
  • Learners complete a log book and conduct CCP monitoring as their assignment


  • Accredited Training course - recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority
  • Competent learners will achieve a Certificate of Competence endorsed by the FoodBev SETA
  • Training can be conducted in isiXhosa, isiZulu, English and Afrikaans
  • Training is customized and workplace based to ensure relevancy and practical application
Unit Standard TitleNo.NQF LevelCredits
Apply Good Manufacturing Practices as part of a food safety system12040324
Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of microbiology12023536
Monitor CCPs as an integral part of HACCP12023936
Understanding the control of pests and waste materials as part of a food safety system12041023
Total Credits 19
Articulation: National Certificate - Bread and Flour Confectionery Baking Level 3

Head Office - Port Elizabeth  

  (041) 366 1970 / 80
   084 5519 524

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