paperless food safety solution

Time to ditch all that paperwork and go digital

An affordable South African food safety software solution (even for small food business)

A manual food safety system with all that paperwork, is no longer practical or efficient for your business. 
The problem is that most software systems out there are just too expensive, fluctuate with exchange rates, are too complicated and don't fit the unique needs of your food business.


We have a home-grown software solution that is purpose built to make compliance easier


Your South African Solution to Food Safety


food safety management need not be painful


food safety software solution

Manage food safety from any device

manage food safety with ease

With checklists built to fit the way you work


  • Complete all your checklists digitally and instantly from any device
  • Manage staged workflows across departments with ease
  • Use the search-engine to find any checklist or document instantly
  • Acess traceability info during recalls with ease - no more running and hunting for info
  • Edit your documents digitally - you can add text, diagrams and images
  • Document Control and revision tracking without the usual agony
  • Archive and find any document when needed
  • Sign off your checklists digitally
  • Make checklist verification easier and more efficient - no files and piles of paper
  • Integrate your H&S, GLOBALG.A.P, SIZA and EMS with ease

a powerful management tool

Not just a document management tool

  • Manage your systems remotely when you need to
  • Manage multiple sites from a single solution; "the more the merrier"
  • Communicate changes to all staff instantly
  • Manage your GLOBALG.A.P. system for all your farmers and your BRC / FSSC 22000 System for your packhouse from a single solution
  • Add H&S, SIZA, BRC / FSSC 22000 and the software solution will grow with you as you grow - there are no limitations
  • Add your sales reps, and your suppliers to ensure seamless upstream and downstream communication - you get the picture
  • Pull real-time reports and trends when you need them
  • Have an instant birds-eye view of your entire system from your dashboard to detect and manage any overdue checklists to ensure your system stays on track

real-time dashboard

Instant realtime birds-eye view of your entire food safety system - whenever you need

  • Click for a health-check of your entire system to view the global status of your system when you need to
  • Identify overdue checklists instantly - all colour coded in red
  • Drill down to investigate overdue tasks
  • View scheduled tasks that are coming up soon - they will be in grey
  • Displayt the dashboard at your food safety meetings for a realtime status view of your system for all to see
  • Proactive food safety management to prevent things slipping through the cracks
  • Be notified of out of spec results instantly
  • Manage recalls faster by using the search function to find traceability information for batch numbers quickly


"We started using the programme on the farms as well as one of the packhouses to try and simplify the flow of information and to test out the functionality. We are impressed. The programme works really well, for managers and general workers alike.
The flow of information and ease of use makes this an extraordinary tool to use. The service is excellent, we receive prompt assistance when changing documents or adding to the programme."

Karin Potgieter, Compliance Manager - Endulini










Your South African Solution to Food Safety


digital food safety audits

Manage your audits more efficiently. It's time to ditch that paperwork

  • Schedule all internal and supplier audits digitally
  • Complete your audit checklist digitally from your device
  • Attach photos as evidence of non-conformances
  • Send non-conformances to relevant staff members instantly
  • Send sms alerts for critical items instantly
  • Allocate appropiate time-frames for closure of audit findings based on risk assessment
  • View a status report to track the close-out status of all non-conformances instantly
  • View audit scores per department in an audit summary report for your meetings

digital supplier quality assurance

Manage and track supplier assessments and documents with ease

  • Stop chasing suppliers for documents. Have your supplier complete their questionnaires online
  • Suppliers upload their specifications and COAs into the system
  • Archive all supplier information and find it later with ease by using the user-friendly search engine
  • Receive automatic alerts when supplier certificates are close to their expiry dates
  • Schedule supplier audits and verification testing digitally
  • Pull realtime reports and trends on supplier ratings instantly

This time next year, you'll still be feeling frustrated and sitting with even more paperwork, and you'll be wishing you'd converted to paperless earlier.

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