Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you need to start navigating your way through the jungle of food legislation out there? Don’t know where to start looking or how to manage what is relevant to your organisation? This course will put you at ease as you methodically walk through the process of understanding how to identify the relevant food legislation to your business and how to manage and control this vital aspect of your Food Safety Management System. Delegates will need to bring their laptops to the course and will also need internet connectivity in order to access the relevant websites. A short test will be completed at the end of the course.

This course is essential for all Food Safety and Quality Assurance Managers.


  • Identify regulations applicable to your industry
  • Compile a master list of food legislation, guidelines and standards relevant to your company
  • Deal with drafts and amendments
  • Find your way around the labelling legislation
  • What to do if there is no SA regulation for your specific food product. e.g regulations pertaining to microbiological limits
  • How to incorporate the updates to the regulations into your Food Safety Management System


  • External document control
  • Compile your company raw material and finished product specifications to ensure compliance to the legal requirements
  • Staying up to date with all the changes. What systems are available to assist your organisation?
  • Food Safety Management Systems Review


  • Practical course which will show you the ropes in a day
  • Know where to find Food safety Legislation relevant to your business
  • Create a system of managing & controlling legislation and standards
  • Know how to keep your company compliant with food legislation
  • Feel more confident during audits
  • Case studies and fun exercises which you can apply in your own company
  • Detailed course content
  • Access to helpful websites


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