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Our Social responsibility program - TAWI

Entecom not only has a heart for people, but for the animals too. As Entecom Western Cape became more established , Aileen Uys felt that it would be the right thing to donate some funds to a charitable cause and and make a difference in society. She contacted TAWI (Transkei  Animal Health and Welfare Initiative) - a non-profit organisation that focuses on the well-being of Animals in the Transkei & surrounds.

We will be helping this cause by donating to TAWI R200 of the sales of our "Inspecta Kits".  An Inspecta Kit is a kit that contains the basic tools needed to do a food safety inspection inside a food manufacturing facility. Normally inspections are done by walking around with only a checklist and no tools. QA Managers can use this kit to do their inspections properly. Let's all try and make a difference and try to make the Transkei not so wild anymore...

For more information on the Inspecta Kit or on  how you can support TAWI please contact Aileen@entecom.co.za.  Also, please read more by following TAWI's facebook link, www.facebook.com/pages/TAWI-Transkei.../134625569972543



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