Janice Giddy
 August 26, 2020
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Your buyer has probably not had food safety training.

Here is why this is a BIG mistake.
Has your buyer been trained in food safety? In our experience, many food companies forget about including their buyers on their food safety training and yet, this is where food safety starts. If your buyer does not understand the importance of food safety compliance, the food safety selection criteria will be overlooked and may have serious ramifications downstream. The standard of the process outputs is always directly affected by the input standards. As all coffee drinkers will say, it starts with the coffee beans...
Join us in this eBook series as we look at the importance of supplier selection and we explain why your suppliers need to be as diligent about food safety and quality as you are; after-all how can you promise your customers a consistently safe and excellent quality product if your supplier’s food safety standards are questionable. As you put on your goggles and peer into the supplier pond with us you may find that this pond can get a little murky, take a deep breath and be brave we’re
going to dive right in...

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