2. Your Journey Towards Food Safety Certification Part 1: Chapter 2

 August 05, 2018
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In Part 1: Chapter 1 of the previous eBook, we discussed the first step towards your food safety system certification, which is achieving a Certificate of Acceptability for your premises.


Once your facility has been issued with the Certificate of Acceptability, you will need to think of the next step of your journey towards Food Safety Certification. This eBook, part two of chapter one, outlines the next leg of your exciting Journey Towards Food Safety Certification.



Use the links below to access the Starter Pack material we've put together to get you and your business where it needs to be. Click on each title below for easy download.


Incoming Materials Inspection Form 
Job Description Template 
R146 Labelling Guidelines
Consumer Product Safety Recall Guidelines

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Colleen du Plessis
June 04, 2019
Good afternoon
Thank you for the Journey To Food Safety Certification
kind regards

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