What is Food Defence?
Food safety is defined as unintentional contamination of food, whereas food defence is defined as the intentional contamination of food. TS ISO 22002-1 also refers to this as Bio vigilance or Bio terrorism.

Why should we implement a Food Defence Program?
Food defence is a reality in South Africa and in past months there have been several documented cases. Food could be sabotaged by employees taking industrial action, or by individuals disgruntled with superiors. It could also be caused by extremists, subversives or criminals. A food Defence program will help reduce risks and deal with incidences more effectively.

Food Defence is a fundamental requirement of GFSI recognized food safety certification schemes including FSSC 22000, BRC and IFS. The problem is however that this requirement is often misunderstood and underestimated by Food Safety teams and Food Safety auditors. This results in weak, poorly written and ineffective Food Defence programs.

Bring your Laptop
We’ll start your Food
Defence program

What we will teach you:

We will discuss the theory behind food defence, then teach you step by step how to implement a Food Defence Program. The focus will be on practical implementation. Bring your laptop or tablet and we’ll provide you with the necessary templates to get the job started.


  • Definitions
  • Case Studies
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • HR considerations
  • Documenting your Food Defence Program
  • Populating a template to get you started

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