Root Cause Analysis Workshop

To identify the root causes of incidents, accidents, near misses, quality, food safety and operational problems to ensure that effective corrective and preventative measures are taken.

The course is most effective when done in-house with problems specific to the organisation that will be used as case studies in the various group and individual exercises.

Templates will be supplied in the workshop.

Who should attend?:

Production Team Leaders, Maintenance Personnel, Continuous Improvement Personnel, SHE and Food Safety team, Supervisory staff.

Course content:

  • Practical problem solving & problem solving processes Methods:
  • PDCA Cycle plus practical work
  • Horenso plus practical work to ensure effective communication
  • 5 why/fish bone plus practical work (plus handy excel spreadsheets)
  • Root cause analysis weaknesses and how to overcome them – group discussion and group activity
  • Corrective action – results of ineffective problem solving & implementing effective corrective action

Course benefits:

  • Workshop can be tailored to ensure that problem areas are addressed
  • Gain knowledge so as to identify root causes to ensure the same problems are not re-occurring.
  • BBBEE Level 4 rated provider
  • Workshop can be conducted in English and Afrikaans
  • Facilitated by industry experts


1 day

Certification type


Course dates

2021-07-19 Book Now

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