Online Food Safety R638 Workshop

This Online Food Safety Workshop covers the same content as our SETA accredited online Food Safety – R638 training course, the only difference is that you can opt to exclude the summative knowledge test and workplace assessment and choose to rather complete the course as a workshop without the final assessment process.

This will mean that you will only complete part of the assessments process. You will achieve a certificate of successful completion if you complete the assessments correctly. If you achieve a 100% for your formative assessments in this workshop, you can decide to continue through to the final summative assessment process which will mean, that upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate of competence endorsed by the FoodBev SETA for the skills programme.

We are confident that most learners who register for this course, will eventually choose to complete the summative assessments in order to receive their certificate of competence for the skills programme. We encourage you to progress to the final assessment to achieve the maximum benefit of the credit bearing accredited skills programme, especially when you see how much fun this course is. The assessments are interactive and video-based, thanks to our LMS platform partnership with Cumulus Blue, which makes it practical, interesting and fun.

R638 Food Safety Course Content

Who is this course for?:

This online workshop covers exactly the same content as our accredited course and is aimed at anyone who works in a food handling environment who needs to understand basic food safety practices, principles and hygiene as well as learn about the R638 (The SA Food Hygiene Standard).

Purpose of the training:

To equip and empower any persons working in a food handling environment with an understanding of Food Safety Practices, Hygiene and Principles based on South African food safety guidelines, standards and regulations with a specific focus on R638, The South African Food Hygiene Regulation.


  • Convenient, you can do this course at home in your pyjamas with your feet up or at the office (when you have a gap) and you can use your laptop or your mobile.
  • Lots of videos and supplementary info makes this course interesting and fun
  • Go at your own pace
  • Repeat sections as often as you need to
  • Reduced travelling and accommodation costs normally associated with classroom training
  • You can pause anytime whilst you and grab your favourite snack
  • The reduced administrative burden associated with accredited courses, since all info captured once is automatically pulled through to other forms
  • Personal coaching and support provided by your assessor where needed
  • You may just fall in love with our beautiful presenter

How is the course presented?:

As a result of our LMS platform partnership with Cumulus Blue, we offer a video-based, interactive course, ensuring a personal connection that is informative, interesting and engaging and are confident that this will provide you with the best learning experience.

How long will it take to complete?:

You will take approximately 16 hours to complete online. You are required to complete all the formative assessments within 4 weeks from enrolling on the online course.

How will the assessment process work?:

There are 3 modules and a formative assessment is completed after each module. You will be assigned to an assessor who will be available via email and whatsapp to support you throughout the process.

The workshop version of our online course excludes the summative or final assessment process. Should you opt to convert to the accredited course, then you will be required to contact our admin office to complete some additional administrative step and pay the additional fee before continuing with the summative assessment process.

Should you chose to convert to the accredited course, then you will complete a final assessment which is in the form of a short knowledge test and a simulated video-based workplace assessment which is practical and enjoyable for all who take this course.

What does the course content cover?:

Unit Standards:

120403 – Apply Good Manufacturing Practices as part of a Food Safety System (4 credits)
120404 – Maintain personal hygiene, health and presentation in a food environment (4 credits)
120416 – Apply personal safety practices in a food or sensitive consumer product environment.

You will cover all food safety aspects such as:

  • The Certificate of Acceptability
  • Food Safety Hazards, pathogens and food poisoning
  • GMPs
  • Food Safety Policy, Document and Record control
  • Facilities and premises
  • Equipment and utensils
  • Incoming raw material control
  • Process Control and calibration
  • Pest Control 
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Traceability and Product Recall
  • Temperature Control and monitoring procedures
  • Staff training
  • Storage and distribution
  • Food Fraud and Food Defence
  • Personal safety practices, protective clothing and safety gear
  • Safety emergencies and safety signs
    and much more….

By the completion of the course, you will be equipped and ready for action, with absolutely no fear of non-compliance.


16 Hours

Certification type


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