Food Safety Practices

Foodbev SETA accredited skills programme

The R638, which is the regulation that pertains to the hygiene requirements for all food handling organisations, requires that all food handlers are trained in food safety practices and hygiene. This seta accredited course will teach your food handlers everything that they need to know about food safety and hygiene whilst empowering them with a formal skills programme qualification.

  • Improve the food safety culture in your facility
  • Train your food handlers and mitigate food safety incidents from your facility
  • Ensure compliance with the R638 food handler training requirements
  • Educate and involve your food handlers in your food safety system

Course outline:

  • Overview of the R638
  • Difference between food safety and quality
  • Food safety hazards
  • Food pathogens and food spoilage
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Personal health and hygiene
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • Pest control
  • Maintenance and engineering
  • Storage and distribution practices
  • Identification and traceability
  • Product recall
  • Temperature control
  • Food defence and food fraud
  • Control of allergens
  • Importance of record keeping and much more…


1 Day classroom and 1/2 hour workplace assessment per learner 2 weeks from the classroom training

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