Supplier Quality Assurance - Manage the dangers of buying from strangers

BY Rolf Uys

Supplier Quality Assurance is an integral part of a Food Safety Management System. It includes how to select and approve suppliers and it stipulated what proof we need from them be it COAs/COCs, certification, reputation. It also focuses on what is required from packaging material suppliers, chemical suppliers, lubricant suppliers, pest control and other outsourced suppliers. One also need to monitor the performance of these suppliers. So how is a SQA program structured and how can we ensure we buy safe ingredients from our suppliers?

Entecom announces their new one day course on Supplier Quality Assurance. Learn from Rolf how to structure a SQA program to reduce the risk of purchasing unsafe ingredients from suppliers.


The following will be covered:

- What is Supplier Quality Assurance?
- What are the benefits to my company?
- Understanding supplier audits.
- The jokers in tlle pack: agents and overseas suppliers
- How to practically Implement a SQA program.


About the presenter: Rolf Uys will lead the course and has 15 years of international experience in Food Safety auditing and training.

Places are limited. Please book your place now to avoid disappointment. Contact aileen@entecom.co.za for more info.

 September 17, 2015
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Rolf Uys

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